Bathroom Radiators: Electric vs. Central Heating

Historically, there has been an obvious concern when we think about electric heating in the bathroom and that is the relationship between water and electricity. In recent times, there has been an increase in the demand for electric towel rails, this is due to the independence of electric towel rails from the single thermostat that you will have if you are using central heating in your house. This means the tower rail can be turned on to get the ideal temperature in your bathroom or heat your towels. This article explains how electric bathroom towel rails can be installed safely in the bathroom and how they can be more energy efficient than central heating radiators.


Many people believe that electric heating products are not ideal for use in the bathroom but the truth is the safety of the electric rails depends on the level of waterproofing the model offers. Generally, most towel rails are designed in a way that they can be safely installed alongside showers, baths, and sinks provided a professional electrician handles the hardwiring. If this is done, a towel rail will be as safe as a central heating radiator. Also, glass towel rails are very safe as they use tempered safety glass. The built-in thermal limiter in these products helps to prevent the appliance from overheating. It also has a remote programmer that helps to control the temperature of the rail making them safe for children.

Style and Savings

There is always an electric towel rail that can fit into your bathroom no matter the style. You can choose a modern designer and glass electric towel rail if you have a contemporary bathroom. A chrome towel rail is perfect for those on a budget but still want to impress their visitors. They look like the central heating models but the major difference is the impact they have on your heating bills. This is because they are independent of a central heating system and this allows you to switch it off when you don’t need it. Another advantage of elect towel rails is that they are very efficient. They use a dry thermal fluid which does not heat up the appliance quickly. Click here.

Precision and Adaptability

Central heating towel rails are less precise when it comes to the exact temperatures that are set on the thermostat. Also, they may fluctuate between 2 to 3 degrees, this is because they are controlled by a single central thermostat and the water system temperature is controlled by the boiler instead of the towel rail itself.  In contrast, electric towel rails are more controllable and efficient because their own digital thermostat controls them. They use their own electric heating elements to start the heating process immediately the temperature need topping up.

Chrome towel rails are the most commonly used electric towel rails because they are more moisture and corrosion resistant. An electric towel rail is by far the best option for your bathroom and it does not matter if you go for a glass towel rail or a chrome model, the option is up to you.

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