Choosing the Right Bathtub Lift – Bath Lift Comparison

If you have foregone a bathtub because you struggle to stand up and down from the bottom of the bathtub, however you continue to long to enjoy the soothing, healthy blessings of bathing  inside the exceptional Walk in shower enclosure with hot water, then a chair-style, battery powered Bath tub lift can be the correct answer for you.

Battery powered bathtub lift

There are many models of battery powered Bath tub lift chairs to be had available on the market, which offer a variety of different functions. The main variations may be found within the bathtub lift’s maximum and minimal lifting heights, seat width, weight ability, reclining competencies, and capabilities for making the switch inside and outside of the bath less complicated, consisting of facet flaps or a rotating disk.

  1. Lift Size

Measure your bathtub to determine what length lift you should purchase. Measure the tub’s depth, width, and period to determine which length of bath carry will match in your bath. Take into consideration the user’s weight and ensure that the bathtub bath lift you order will accommodate the wished capacity.

  1. Installation

Think about what form of setup you’ll have the ability to complete. A few bath tub lifts may also require a professional installation; our tub lifts are assembled and installed in much less than ten minutes and with none tools. Moreover, they use suction cup attachments to preserve the lift in place whilst in use; therefore, make certain that the surface of your bath is well matched with suction cups. Some textured surfaces may not be well matched with a suction cup; the floor must be flat and non-porous. Watch this video to understand more.

  1. How to Powered

Take into account how you want your bathtub lift to be powered. Tub lifts are both water powered or battery powered; water powered bathtub lifts lift the bather by way of filling and draining water in a bladder below the seat part of the carry, whilst battery powered Bath tub lifts use rechargeable batteries to boost and decrease the seat. Most battery powered bathtub lifts will not decrease until they have sufficient battery electricity to lift up once more, so ordinary charging is usually recommended for reliable use. A few, along with the bath carry with Blue cowl and premium Charger, permit about six lifts from one full rate and can be absolutely recharged in just one hour.

  1. Additional Accessories

Think about whether or not you’ll want any extra add-ons on your tub lift. as an example, will the bather need a switch tool to get to the center of the tub lift seat? Does your tub lift have a padded backrest and seat? Will you need any extra batteries or a headrest? consider these add-ons earlier than you make your final choice approximately which tub lift to purchase.

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